series :: deer

River River (side) Faith
Europa Europa Shadow
Shadow (closeup) Blue Blue (side)
Velvet Velvet (view 2) Blue Maple
Blue Maple (view 2) Blue Maple (view 3) Blue Maple (view 4)
Sweet Leaves Sweet Leaves (view 2) Sweet Leaves (view 4)
Heaven Blue Sky Ram White Stag
Blue Alder Snow Heavenly Earth
Midnight Pebbles Mapplethorpe
With Trees Rubies are Mine Forget me not
Harvest Harvest (profile) Red on Red
Sweet East Antelope Silence Out
Daisies Spring Memories Promise
Glory Felt Bling
Golden Amber Blue Daisies Rose
Edge Proud, Watching Violet
Spring Frost Sweet Leaves (view 3) Primavera
Primavera (view 2) Candy  
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With Trees
With Trees
30" x 16" x 14"
Blown glass deer, painted trees, hand- forged stee
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